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Younger SMSF members

There is no question that self-managed super funds are popular among more mature super fund members – but that is not the full story Certainly, research by Rice Warner Actuaries* shows that SMSFs hold more than half of the superannuation dollars held in retirement products (which include transition-to-retirement pensions). And the tax office’s latest Self managed […]

Keeping a close watch on contribution caps

The annual caps on concessional and non-concessional super contributions can represent somewhat of a balancing act for many fund members. Such members may be aiming to maximise their contributions – perhaps in the countdown to their planned retirement date – while being cautious not to overshoot their caps and becoming liable for an unexpected- tax […]

Market Update – 28th February 2014

Key Point for February 2014 The RBA kept the overnight cash rate steady at 2.50% during the February meeting. The rate was also left unchanged during the March sitting. Fixed income securities remained steady in February, with the Three Month Bank Bill Swap Rate unchanged at the price level of 2.58% while the 10 Year […]

SMSF Specialist wanted

A trusted adviser is a reassuring and valuable ally in anyone’s business or personal life. But when it comes to trustees of self-managed super funds there are three key barriers that prevent many SMSF trustees from getting professional advice. The first is the common complaint of all investors – not knowing where to find an […]

Crowd control

Investors who let themselves get caught up with whatever is the prevailing sentiment of the investment ‘herd …. ….. ‘ or ‘crowd’ risk making wealth-destroying decisions. Such investors typically gain comfort through buying shares when most other investors are buying and selling when most others are selling. In reality, herd-chasing investors tend to buy at […]

Resources on our site to help you and your family

Not all of you want the same thing so we offer a comprehensive range of resources at no extra cost.  The end result is for us to help you better attain your financial goals and our website will help. 24/7 access to website based tools you; your family (all younger people need to start down the savings […]

Spending of super lump sums

Retirees who take at least part of their superannuation savings as a lump sum have to decide how to deal with what is typically a very large amount of money. Undoubtedly, a super lump sum is the biggest sum that many individuals will have under their direct control at any one time in their lives. […]

SMSF investment process is broken, but a good financial planner can fix it

The investment goal setting and portfolio construction processes of  SMSF trustees are flawed and leave them open to considerable risk … … as they negotiate the transition from accumulation phase to retirement. The 2014 SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA)/Russell Investments Intimate with Self-Managed Superannuation research, released yesterday, has identified a major opportunity for advisers to introduce […]

The return of a resilient US

The US market both sowed the seeds of the global financial crisis and suffered the economic consequences. But you consign the world’s largest economy to the dustbin of history – as some global market economists were doing at the end of 2008-9 – at your own peril. Vanguard’s latest Economic and Investment Outlook* looks at the future […]

Putting financial literacy to the test

Try answering this straightforward investment question: Say you had $100 in a savings account earning 2 per cent a year, in five years would your investment be worth more than $102, exactly $102 or less than $102? (Interest is reinvested.) There are tools and calculators on this site to help you improve your financial literacy […]